Cracking the Galactic Puzzle: How the Interstellar Police Can Outsmart Rebels in 10 Warps or Less

The Galactic Challenge

Picture this: a cluster of seven small planets, rebels on the run, and an interstellar police squad armed with the ability to warp between any two planets every hour. The stakes are high, and the clock is ticking. How can the police strategically search and corner the rebels in 10 warps or less?

The Power of Strategic Division

The key lies in the art of strategic division. By simplifying the problem and dividing the planets into two subsets, the police gain a tactical advantage. This division allows them to focus their efforts and systematically close in on the rebels.

Subset 1: Initial Scan

Start with an initial scan of the first subset of planets. Utilize the warp advantage to cover as much ground as possible. This initial reconnaissance helps identify potential rebel locations and patterns.

Subset 2: Closing In

Once the first subset is scanned, focus the warp searches on the second subset. Use the gathered intelligence to predict rebel movements and narrow down their possible hiding spots. The rebels may be elusive, but their options are limited within the two subsets.

Adapting to Rebel Tactics

Rebels are cunning, and their ability to move from planet to planet adds a layer of complexity. However, the police have the upper hand with the warp advantage. To outsmart the rebels, adaptability is crucial:

  • Dynamic Warping: Adjust the warp strategy based on rebel movements. If they seem to favor certain planets, allocate more warps to those areas.
  • Hourly Surveillance: Keep a consistent hourly warp schedule. This prevents rebels from predicting police movements and disrupts their plans.

The Final Showdown

As the police strategically search the planets, the rebels find themselves cornered. The division into subsets and the adaptability to rebel tactics ensure a systematic and efficient approach. By the 10th warp, the interstellar police have successfully apprehended the dangerous rebels.


Cracking the galactic puzzle requires a combination of strategic division, adaptability, and the clever use of the warp advantage. The interstellar police, armed with these tactics, can confidently navigate the cluster of planets and emerge victorious against the rebels. The stars may be vast, but with the right strategy, justice prevails.

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