Impact of Professional Development on Teachers

The overall quality of LSC professional development increased significantly over time. The most effective LSC professional development programs reflected a design that was conceptualized and implemented as an overall program of work, not as a laundry list of offerings. (Banilower & Shimkus, 2004)

Quality of LSC Professional Development Programs,
by Project Age

by project age

As a result of these professional development experiences:

  • teachers had more positive attitudes about standards-based teaching in mathematics and science;
  • teachers were more positive about how well they understand mathematics/science; and
  • teachers were more positive about their ability to teach mathematics/science content (Heck & Crawford, 2004a).

These findings were significant in both mathematics and science professional development.

Teacher Perceptions of Their Content Preparedness,
by Extent of Participation in LSC Professional Development

Overall Quality

The LSC Capstone Report: Lessons from a Decade of Mathematics and Science Reform
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