About the LSC Initiative

The Local Systemic Change (LSC) initiative, funded by NSF's Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Informal Education, was designed to address the professional development of all teachers responsible for teaching science and/or mathematics within educational systems (e.g., entire grade bands, schools, or districts). An example of the Request for Proposals for this program can been viewed here. The LSC was implemented in a wide variety of contexts, including districts that serve high proportions of minority and English Language Learners, and developed strategies to meet the unique needs of urban, rural, and suburban districts. LSC projects established professional communities to enable teachers to deepen their knowledge, reflect on their own teaching and learning, and change their instructional practices. Projects included teachers of science, mathematics and/or technology typically participating in professional development sessions in the summer and throughout the academic year. Teachers were given opportunities to develop and apply new knowledge and skills within a supportive school/district culture.

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